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Theologian’s New Book Provides a Fresh Look at Nehemiah; Urging Christian Community to Return to ‘Godly Leadership’

Posted on November 3, 2014 at 6:58 AM Comments comments (90)
‘A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah’, by Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, proposes a paradigm shift back to Godly leadership as exemplified by Nehemiah; bucking the trend of many present-day leaders who attempt to preach their own personal values instead of the Bible’s. For these leaders, the book presents a bold opportunity for them to accomplish their God-given mission. For lay Christian’s, Dr. Liberty’s work will enable them to embrace a new life led by Biblical guidance.

Boynton Beach, Florida – With church attendances sadly dwindling, many are adopting a more secular-style model of preaching; with leaders urging congregations to use them personally as a model, rather than Biblical principles. Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, Founder of Church of the Believers, Inc., knows that the Bible contains answers to all in life and, to prove it, he has released a game-changing book.          

‘A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah’ focuses on the work of Nehemiah, who used the Law of Moses as a constitution for God’s people to accomplish the call of God in his life. Using his example, Dr. Liberty calls all Godly leaders to return to their core Biblical leadership values and improve the lives of Christians everywhere.


This book takes a paradigm shift to godly leadership as exemplified by Nehemiah, who loved God, His word, people, and walked faithfully with God accordingly to His word. It shows how Nehemiah used God’s word as the constitution for the people of God, and proposes that the Bible is the constitution for the people of God in this life, and that a godly leader should teach and apply the word of God to his own life and to the lives of God’s people. And, as a constitution for the people of God, it should be used in peacemaking among God’s people. While other Christian leadership books detailed how some leaders exceled to the mountain top, and that by practicing the authors’ principles and styles, the church would experience excellent leadership and growth. This book argues, extensively against this popular teaching in most churches today, that there is no need to imitate any man-made leadership styles and principles in the church because the Bible has the best leadership style and principles for the church and humanity. This book proposes that a godly leader must lead through biblical guidance.

“The power of the Holy Spirit can change anyone’s life, but we’re currently in tough times where many leaders believe that the Bible does not provide adequate leadership,” explains Dr. Liberty. “Through Nehemiah’s story we can re-discover that it does, while empowering all leaders to once again lead through Biblical guidance.”

Continuing, “Nehemiah’s story describes a heart every leader should conform to in order to best lead God’s people. Leaders reading the book will discover the importance of consistent prayer, developing a ‘mission statement’ and placing more focus on better organizational structure. I’m not saying that a leader can’t have individuality – far from it; but there is a way to do so through a plan and vision with Biblical truths as their foundation. At the end of the day, the Bible is a Constitution to God through which we are all accountable. I will show leaders how to fulfill their God-given purpose with more gusto through unity than they thought they had.”

But the book isn’t just for those in a leadership position. Dr. Liberty makes it clear that it can change the life of any lay Christian.

“Anybody can use the book’s narrative to better appreciate the importance of scriptural knowledge, which will enable them to live through biblical guidance. It will also inspire them to take an active role in their church, accept any study opportunities that come their way and also become visionaries. There’s currently a lot of bad feeling among global congregations that causes people to become disenfranchised and leave the church. By returning to a culture of Biblical guidance, people can instead overcome their differences and deploy the Constitution of God with renewed harmony,” he adds. ‘A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah’ is available now:, and the author’s website for an autographed copy at:

About the Author:

Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty is president and a founding church planter of an African independent church denomination, Church of the Believers, Inc., in Liberia, West Africa, and the Africa International Christian Mission, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2000,  with headquarters in Boynton Beach, Florida. Prior to his coming to serve as a missionary in the United States, he, along with his wife, Esther, planted nineteen churches in Liberia, established the Liberty Theological Seminary, the Fellowship of Christian Churches of Africa, and a Christian high school.   Dr. Liberty is an author, speaker, and Adjunct professor. As the son of a traditional African tribal Leader, he inherited leadership capability; this was also buttressed by many years of training in Christian leadership as a scholar, theologian, and missiologist.   

Contact: Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty / 561-577-3725 / [email protected]