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The Background of Hosea's World and Wedding, Part 2 (Replay)

Posted on February 20, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (82)

In this video, we discussed how, 

  • The Northern and Southern kingdoms sinned against God continually.
  • God, in His sovereignty, turns the table around to His servant,the   prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute, who would be unfaithful and yet he was to love her as God loves Israel in spite of Israel sins.  Israel as the bride of God continues to live in prostitution by worshiping other gods.
  • Every name of Hosea’s three children with Gomor described the kind of hurt and feeling God had and what He had planned to do to Israel for worshiping other gods.
  • God, who commanded Hosea to marry to a prostitute, can do it today if He wanted to make a point to His people.  Because God is sovereign, He does no wrong.

To listen to the audio, click below:

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