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Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty is Available to Speak at Your Next Event-Book Him Now!

R.Zarwulugbo Liberty is the founder and president of Africa International Christian Mission, and Church of the Believers in Liberia, West Africa. He is Mission Consultant, and an experienced international conference speaker. He enjoys inspiring audiences with encouragement and motivation, also imparting the wisdom and instruction truly sought out by folks bringing them the action plan they are really seeking at any event. Will you call today to book him for your next event?

R. Zarwulugbo Liberty has authored two books and written many scholarly articles:

  • A Journey of Faith: A Call to Missions without a Purse. This book was self-published in 2005. It gives details of the dramatic call of Dr. Liberty from his chief accountant profession with Liramco, a public cooperation in Liberia, West Africa to full-time ministry without any source of income. With this bold step of faith in Christ, he and his wife Esther planted nineteen churches in Liberia. Through many dangers they experienced the fourteen years of the deadly civil war in their country. You will learn how God spoke to them not to leave Liberia at the very inception of the civil war, and how he and Esther were sent to the United States as missionaries, after the war, without a purse. And yet the Lord miraculously provided their needs in America. This book has increased the faith of thousands who have read it or listened to the dynamic testimonies of Dr. Liberty.The e-book is free for you; just sign up and you will receive it without delay.

  • Growing Missionaries Biblically:A Fresh Look at Missions in an African Context. This book was published on September 5, 2012 by iUniverse Publishing Company. Dr. Liberty takes a paradigm shift to Christian Missions for the twenty-first century, and calls for a change for missionaries if they are to continue to be strong and viable. His book proposes a comprehensive, biblical missionary-training program for short-and long-term missions. Its objective is to produce an effective, cross-cultural ministry for Africa and, with some modifications, globally. The goal is to provide a post-imperial, post-colonial model for training missionaries by looking to biblical guidance on the subject.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iuniverse, etc.

Dr.R. Zarwulugbo Liberty is Mission Consultant; he is available to speak on various topics related to any of his published books and courses, including.

  • Theology of Missions
  • Anthropological Perspective of Christian Missions
  • Short-term Missions Candidates’ Training
  • Christian Counseling
  • Discipleship Training
  • How to study a proposed host country’s culture before departure
  • How to Stand firm for Christ in the midst of Crisis: This is his reflection on the civil war in Liberia and how God prepared him to have freedom in that fire
  • Dr. Liberty’s call to ministry and foreign missions without a purse, and how God has been working through him in America for over twelve years by faith alone without a pay check
  • Theology of the Holy Spirit
  • Biblical Prophecy: A careful study of Prophecies in Scripture
  • Effective Evangelism
  • Understanding African Religions and Philosophy
  • Cross-cultural Church Planting
  • Christian Ethics vs. Cultural Ethics and its analysis for Christian assimilation
  • Leadership: Cross-cultural implications
  • Leadership development
  • Pastoral Care
  • And many more…

Dr. Liberty is available for speaking engagement(s) at churches, seminaries, and seminars. To book him for your event, please contact him at 561-577-3725 or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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